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My name is Jane Clouston Cook and I am a qualified Green Badge Guide accredited by the Scottish Tourist Guides Association.

I work as a ‘step-on guide’, meaning that I will guide you in your own vehicle or hired vehicle, or lead you on a walking tour.

Much of my working life has been spent as a theologian and educationalist working with children, young adults, clergy and teachers. I thrive on imparting knowledge, sharing stories and encouraging growth.

My ancestor, Hakon Klo, arrived in Orkney from Norway in 1141. He founded a community which still bears his name – Clouston in the parish of Stenness, and started an Orcadian family which has spread across the globe.

I have the good fortune to live just three miles from where Hakon Klo settled in the Neolithic Heart of Orkney. I love my homeland and am passionate about sharing its history, beauty and heritage.